Providing Innovative Solutions With Drone Surveys

Here at Ashcourt, we are always looking to invest into innovative solutions and technologies to create the most efficient avenues where possible. We have invested in drone surveying software that provides a range of benefits including drone mapping, progress tracking, stockpile management and site documentation.

At the moment Ashcourt are trialing the all new drone surveying equipment at selected sites including our quarries helping to measure the life of quarries and produce accurate stockpile measurements.

These surveys are carried out by elevating the drone into position, once in place, it starts it captures multiple aerial images, which are then transferred into 2D and 3D data where volumes of stockpiles, cut and fill measurements, distance, elevation and much more can be measured and analyzed.

Using a professional system like this allows Ashcourt to keep up-to-date records of projects and show clear progression over time. Critical elements can also be identified and annotated to highlight potential issues and prevent extra work. Surveying using drones will help cut costs for manual ground surveys and is a great tool to feedback project updates to clients.