Our Specialist Products

Premium Flow

Ashcourt Premium Flow is a self-compacting flowing concrete for use in the construction of slabs, suspended floors and foundations. Its fluidity allows for rapid concrete placement which significantly reduces labour requirements, and the need to hire vibration and finishing equipment; keeping construction costs to a minimum! Due to the products innovative design it can also be placed using a concrete pump for more difficult pours, without any amendment to the mix.

Coloured Concrete

Ashcourt can enhance your concrete, providing a new dimension to your project through colour. With a range of different colours Ashcourt can add a more decorative feel to your concrete which will make your scheme stand out from the crowd!

Fibre Reinforced Concrete

Ashcourt fibre reinforced concrete reduces plastic shrinkage and settlement cracks, and enhances durability of hardened concrete. The introduction of macro synthetic or steel fibres to Ashcourt concretes will also replace steel mesh in certain structural applications. The use of Ashcourt fibre reinforced concrete will increase the speed of construction where the requirement to cut and place/space steel mesh is removed.

Watertight Concrete

For use in basements, lift pits, retaining walls and swimming pools, Ashcourt can provide the perfect concrete solution for all water retaining structures. Specifically designed admixtures provide Ashcourt concrete with structurally integral waterproofing which can be poured and compacted with ease.