Ashcourt Aggregates

Bagged Aggregate Products

All Grades of Various Quarried Chalk, Bulk Fill Chalk.

Quality topsoil available in your specified quantity.

Imported straight form Norway this is our 20mm decorative stone ideal for gardens and drives.

Ideal for gardens, drives and pathways, this is a great decorative option for any household.

Type 1 MOT Clause 803, DOT Type 1 Limestone, Gabion Stone, Crusher Run Limestone.

We supply a range of decorative aggregates, call us on 01482 442288 for enquiries.

Type 1 Concrete is produced from crushed aggregate – recycling waste from construction and demolition projects. Its primary uses are for trench fill, backfill, and as a granular sub-base. Suitable for Highway Works as a Clause 803 sub-base.

Crushed Brick is produced by removing any contaminants from demolition rubble and feeding into our crusher.
The material is used widely in the construction and agricultural industry for haul roads, site compounds and hard standing areas. Ideal in wet weather conditions – the product is also a cheaper alternative to other material available.

10mm & 20mm Recycled Pipe Bedding Gravel is produced from reclaimed material from sites, once crushed the material is screened to remove any unwanted debris and produces an excellent drainage aggregate.
The product is generally used for bedding of water mains, sewer and storm drains.

Tarmac planings are a product produced by the process of tarmac roads being relayed, due to good compaction and no dust the product is best used for hard standings, temporary pathways, farm tracks and car parks.

Sub soil is the layer of soil under topsoil, similar to topsoil it contains a mixture of variable material however lacks organic content.

We offer sand directly from our quarry in Great Heck, either building sand or sharp sand.

Ashcourt Biomass Fuel

The biomass material is used to fuel industrial biomass boilers as a cheaper and more sustainable alternative to heating premises’. The material is sourced from our Foster Street Recycling facility and provides an alternative energy source.

Agricultural Products

At Ashcourt, we understand that the level of acidity can impact on the productivity of grassland and soils and in turn force a reduction in arable yields, the growth of livestock and an overall decline in income. We recognise that using lime for agricultural purpose can eliminate such problems and so we strive to supply the agricultural industry the best aggregates for the job. We sell Agricultural Limestone from our quarry at Burnby near York which neutralizes PH levels in soil and improves growing conditions.