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Supplying a range of domestic, commercial and agricultural fuels across Yorkshire and the Humber.

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Ashcourt Fuels

Ashcourt Fuels aims to deliver high quality fuels to a wide range of customers for domestic, agricultural and commercial purposes. Working as a small established team we strive to support our customers from enquiry through to delivery and aftercare. Being part of the wider Ashcourt Group means we are able to offer a fully integrated solution to our commercial customers, providing not just fuel but a range of construction services and products too including concrete and aggregates. All our operatives are fully trained and when we deliver fuel you can be assured that this will be carried out with expert efficiency, guaranteeing the safety of all concerned.

Domestic Fuels 

At Ashcourt we understand your home is your sanctuary, and therefore we understand the importance of having fuel when you need it. Our team will work promptly to deliver your fuel in plenty of time to avoid as much disruption as possible. 

Our fuel range includes:

  • • Gas
  • • Kerosene
  • • Premium Kerosene

Premium Kerosene benefits:

  • • Improves the efficiency of your boiler and heating system
  • • Reduces fuel costs
  • • Reduces residue build up
  • • Lowers CO2 emissions
  • • Keeps the fuel fresher for longer

Commercial Fuels 

Ashcourt Fuels understand the importance of efficient fuel supply within the commercial market. We are proficient in providing our customers and their businesses with a variety of fuels including but not limited to: 

  • • Diesel
  • • Gas Oil
  • • Kero
  • • HVO

When it comes to delivery, we have this covered. Our new top of the range fleet means Ashcourt can deliver at a time and place that fits the demands of commercial markets.

Green D+ HVO Fuel 

We offer an eco-friendly premium diesel fuel, made from only from renewable or sustainable materials. Our HVO (Hydrotreated Vegetable Oil) cuts net CO2 by up to 90% and has a 10 year storage life due to it's pure hydrocarbon.

An Eco-Friendly Choice 

Green D+ is one of the cleanest fuels currently on the market, unlike other biodiesel products our Green D+ fuel is FAME-free (FAME is a mixture of fatty acid methyl esters). With such a clean fuel, there's less chance of fuel degradation allowing our Green D+ fuel to be stored for up to 10 years rather than just 1 year for regular diesel products.

Agricultural Fuels 

Ashcourt Fuels recognise the importance of a reliable fuel source within the agricultural sector and understand the fluctuation in demand across the farming calendar. Whether you require Gas Oil or Lubricants, Ashcourt Fuels offer an unbeatable service.

Our Service Area 

Our regular service area is shown on the map. We cover a wide range of cities, towns and small villages in the Yorkshire & North Lincolnshire areas. For larger orders, we accommodate further travel with our higher capacity bulk tanker that holds 36,000 litres.

About Our Fuels

Premium Kerosene - This fuel is used as heating oil for domestic and industrial consumers.

The kerosene we supply is refined to a premium quality. This guarantees economy, with less impurity yielding reduced residues during use allowing less boiler maintenance and ensuring that CO2 emissions are reduced to a minimum in comparison to less refined heating fuel alternatives. 

Diesel - Also known as derv. This is used in road going light vehicles and HGV lorries.

The diesel we supply is refined to the highest standard and complies with the European legal requirements, aimed at keeping CO2 emissions to the minimum possible. This also results in improved fuel economy by ensuring engine efficiency and performance, reducing maintenance with lower residual build ups, compared to lesser quality products.

Gas Oil - A specially designed diesel fuel used heavily in agricultural vehicles and a range of light and heavy plant.

Engines are constantly evolving to be more efficient and less polluting and this fuel is compliant with all the current legislation in this respect. As this is directly transferred from the refinery, there is no contamination from storage tanks allowing for efficient and economical engine performance.

Green D+ (Hydrotreated Vegetable Oil) - Ashcourt Fuels is proud to offer Green D+, an eco-friendly, premium diesel fuel made from only renewable and sustainable materials. Meeting the EN 15940 standards and Fuel Quality Directive 2009/30/EC Annex II, this alternative, fully biodegradeable fuel reduces up to 90% of Net CO2 emmisions.

If you need more information on our fuels and to get a quote, please contact us today by emailing or calling 01482 442288 (Option 4).