Exploring Ashcourt Group's Concrete Pump Solutions

Over the years, the concrete process has adapted to quicker and more effective methods of concrete laying. Traditionally, a crane would be used to move multiple buckets of liquid concrete however, this is a lengthy process and can cause many wasted hours for workmen. A concrete pump offers a more convenient option and is a vital part of the concrete process which conveys liquid concrete from a mixer to its desired location. This process is a popular choice in construction projects as it has many benefits compared to the usual method. Ashcourt Group offer 24m and 35m boom pumps to hire for all types of construction.

You should consider using one of our concrete pumps when you have restricted access or a limited time frame to complete a project. Our pumps allow an increase in productivity and are particularly useful for accessing high buildings or intricate areas.

This method of concreting has several advantages with the main factor being an increase in efficiency. As most projects rely heavily on accurate time management our concrete pumps are an extremely effective way to reduce time. In addition to this, they have a quicker setup period and larger volumes can constantly flow, allowing more concrete to be placed every hour. This method offers more navigation as the mixture can be accurately placed to any area within the range of the boom, reducing spillages and unnecessary mess.

The type of concrete that is pumped through has a 120 or above slump so that it flows easily. All our pumps come with skilled operators who are fully trained to CPCS (Construction Plant Competence Scheme) standard for mobile pump operating, to ensure high quality is achieved for all our customers.