National Earth Day

To support national Earth day, Ashcourt decided to give back to the environment by teaming up with climate-changing activists Tree-Nation.

Founded in 2006, Tree-Nation has a mission to reforest the world. Whilst doing so, they have created jobs, supported local communities and helped protect biodiversity. Always aiming to be innovative, they have also created and developed many online platforms and software tools to provide unique technological solutions. These are aimed to break the distance between projects and their sponsors in different countries with usable and efficient online platforms.

We chose to donate a tree for every order we received on Earth day. In total, we managed to plant 218 trees in a variety of locations from Spain and Brazil to the USA and Madagascar with a mixture of tree species planted, including endangered ones.

Trees are key pillars of the world and benefit us by purifying water, air and creating better social conditions. They also benefit the environment by providing homes for various forms of life, cooling our climate and improving our soil. To see our Ashcourt forest or to donate visit