Ashcourt's Sustainability In Waste Management

Ashcourt are dedicated to providing the highest rates of recycling possible at our waste & recycling plant at Foster Street in Hull. As part of this on-going push and as part of Global Recycling Day, we're sharing all the ways in which we take materials in from customers and transform that waste into recycled material that can be reused and repurposed.

Firstly, we'll start with the process behind our waste management. We take in customer's waste daily, either through skips, our tipper / grab wagons or through customer drop-offs. Waste materials come from a range of different places, starting from domestic homes using skips after a clean out of their home, to construction sites removing unwanted materials from their site.

We take the waste materials in at our dedicated recycling plant and the waste is picked and separated into different waste types. Once picked and separated, we are then able to start the process of recycling each of the materials.

For wood waste, we are able to take this in and put this through our specialist wood chipping machine which crushes and creates woodchip. These woodchips are then used for providing energy through the use of biomass boilers. Biomass boilers are used to provide heating for homes and industrial buildings throughout the UK.

We also take in mud and soil waste. We are able to put this through our screening machines and create either fine, screened soils or use the earth as levelling material for sites. Our top soils are available for purchase through calling our offices for either delivery or collection.

All plastics we take into our site are recycled through the use of an external company. We pick and separate the materials on site at Foster Street and then taken externally. This is the same with all UPVC window frames we take in on site.Cardboard & paper waste is bulked and recycled.

Concrete and brick materials that are brought into our site are crushed into different sizes and then reused as recycled aggregate materials on sites and sold through our offices on: 01482 442288. Our Plasterboard waste recycling activites are also proving very efficient with a 100% recycling rate.