A1165 Stoneferry Road Roundabout Works Progess Update

The works to the Stoneferry roundabout in Hull began in Mid November and are expected to take around 2 months to complete. The works involved excavating down to formation level, installing a new drainage system & gullies, along with the removal of the old kerbs and installation of both internal and external new kerbs.

The next phase of the works included the installation of Type 1 MOT and compacting ready for our surfacing team to install the tarmac. The projext also involved the install of all new ducting to enable electric feeds to the roundabout for signage and lighting.

One of the main challenges has been excavating to formation level due to the city centre works and locations of live services. Furthermore, challenges have been encountered simply due to the busy traffic periods, meaning some of the works have had to be done during the night to minimise disruption to the public.

The A1033 is a main route from York and the North to the Port of Hull. Stoneferry forms part of this network. This roundabout work is part of a four phase project that aims to reduce congestion, improve air quality, sustain economic growth, provide better facilities for pedestrians and cyclists and improve the accident record.