Roller Compacted Concrete

Ashcourt RCC mix is layed with our high compaction paver and PTR rollers directly on site. The mix design and how it's layed allows the area to be trafficked by heavy plant and machinery within 3 days and 24 hours for light traffic which minimises the disruption to any business.

For this particular mix, we use cement / cement substitute, water and aggregates. The mix differs from a conventional concrete mix as it contains much less water and doesn't flow. The mix is transported on our fleet of tipper wagons rather than in our concrete mixers and has no slump.

Our team is experienced in ensuring the best quality mix is sent directly to site from our state of the art concrete plants and once delivered on site, the team laying the RCC have the abilty to factor in specific levels and sloping areas for drainage.

Technical Specification

The concrete is laid by our own in-house team of professionals, using our paver. After the mix goes through the paver, the team then compacts the laid RCC using our rollers. Because of the mix being so well compacted, it doesn't require any reinforcing, dowel bars and formwork for construction, again, helping to reduce costs. As well as having no slump, the mix is not consolidated with a vibratory poker.

We use roller compaction of the laid and grooved material as the final part of the mechanical laying and compaction process. We use the roller as soon as possible to reduce moisture loss or ingress depending on weather conditions. The roller compaction is where the mix gets most of its strength for heavy plant and machinery.

The Benefits

One of the many benefits of RCC is that it's quick to lay. Quick laying time means that your concreted area is back up and usable faster. With the heavy compaction of the concrete, it allows for even heavy plant and machinery to be used in just 3 days on the laid area. The mix is laid by our professional team who have experience laying and treating RCC.

Ashcourt have strategically located concrete plants allowing us to provide concrete directly to site, removing the costs of having to bring in a mobile concrete plant. The mix is also very cost effective compared to alternatives like tarmac.

We can provide a free, no obligation quote including a detailed site visit.