People are the solution, not the problem.

Our people are smart, they do not go to work to make mistakes rather use initiative to avoid them. This is about:

  • •Empowering them to be able to make suitable decisions (competence but also confidence to do so).
  • •Tapping into their knowledge and understanding to help us all succeed.

Health & Safety is the presence of positives, not the absence of negatives.

While it is important to understand where mistakes have been made to prevent a recurrence, there is more value in understanding where (and how) things have gone right.

It is important, therefore, that we capture examples of excellence so that these can be replicated across. Simply put this is recognising & measures the things that go well.

Health & Safety is an ethical responsibility, not bureaucratic activity.

The bigger and more complicated we make a process, procedure or guidance the more we increase the likelihood that they will fail at some point or not be used.

So, where we can we need to reduce paperwork and eliminate redundant processes.

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