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At Ashcourt our general philosophy is to look into the whole life
cycle of a project and devise the most efficient solution.

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Ashcourt Construction

We offer Construction services throughout Yorkshire. At Ashcourt Construction our general philosophy is to look into the whole life cycle of a project and devise the most efficient solution. We can offer full Design and Build service from conception through to completion as well as traditional build services, the choice is yours.

A similar approach is taken in constructing buildings; we are passionate about the Fabric First building philosophy, which coupled with low energy fixtures and fittings produces buildings that are initially more expensive to produce but use considerably less energy and in the long run are cheaper to run whilst being better for the environment.

We aim to provide tailor made solutions for our development projects, rather than adopting a one size fits all policy. We firmly believe that a new building should not be viewed in isolation but as part of the wider surroundings. We are passionate about ensuring our developments are as environmentally sustainable as possible, whilst maintaining maximum desirability for clients and potential occupiers.

This entails a great deal of time and effort in design, development and research into the most appropriate materials and building techniques for the specific project.

Ashcourt construction has the experience and proven track record to deliver a range of residential, commercial, industrial and leisure projects to the highest standards.

Our clients and customers benefit from our forward thinking, open and inquisitive approach to construction, which we believe reduces risk and delivers value.

We offer a one stop construction solution, managing the construction and development process from land assembly, acquisition, design and planning through to construction delivery.

Sectors & Industries

Student Developments

In the last 20 years Ashcourt have completed several large-scale student developments across the UK. We're in the unique position owning and operating our own purpose-built student accommodation housing giving us the leading advantage of being able to tick all the boxes the ever changing student development market needs to tick. As well as the construction of our own development, we have also completed other large-scale developments for external clients.

Our external developments range from inner city, multi-storey, purpose-built accommodation where design and architecture becomes imperative to maximise units per square foot to larger square foot campuses that offer a accommodation 'village' feel for students.


As Ashcourt continue to provide quality, efficient work in the construction industry, our work in the healthcare sector has grown rapidly. We are able to drastically shorten project timescales by utilising the other divisions within the Ashcourt Group.

We have worked closely with Hull University Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust to plan, design and fulfil a rehabilitation facility at Castle Hill Hospital. Keeping work within our Group meant that the project was completed in just 12 weeks, a two-week reduction to the initial timescale.

We have delivered full project life cycles in the healthcare sector, providing demolition of existing buildings through to external and internal construction all completed using the Group's divisions to our advantage.


We're able to produce facilities for the retail sector, built within strict budgets and timescales. From store shells to fully fitted projects, Ashcourt can facilitate the full project from start to finish.

With experience working with one of the UK's most prolific food retailers, we both understand and work with high business standards built solely around client needs.

We understand the need to deliver construction on time, because of this, Ashcourt have a team of experienced Project Managers and Contract Managers that work closely with clients offering honest and timely updates as well as high quality ground and aerial photography updates.


We have a large portfolio of industrial projects we have completed over a period of 20 years. Industrial projects can often vary in scale, timeline and materials. Using our extensive knowledge in this sector, we are able to work with clients in providing the best materials, designs and specification for projects to provide the optimal performance of an end project.

Using our experienced QS team and liaising with our technical staff, projects can often come in under budget or we're able to provide solutions to reduce running costs of projects once we establish end goals with clients.


Ashcourt Construction have undertaken a range of refurbishment works throughout Yorkshire. Refurbishments often pose challenges in construction which is why clients choose to trust our expertise throughout planning, construction and completion of refurbishment works.

One of the main challenges that refurbishments can pose is keeping as much of the existing building in place and retaining the character of a building while ensuring safety and usability of the final product.

Ashcourt have worked for the public sector on refurbishments and also provided renovation works in house for residential development works in Leeds and Hull.


Ashcourt close connection to the agricultural industry through various other divisions in the Group has provided us with several agricultural construction projects. Ashcourt's Construction and Civil Engineering teams work together to produce large scale agricultural buildings and extensions to increase production for farms and farming capabilities.

Through cross divisional communication in the Group, we're able to offer cost effective solutions for the agricultural industry and produce projects in a timely manner minimising disruption to every-day processes.