Ashcourt DuraPave Concrete - Hull Pocklington York East Riding North Lincolnshire

Ashcourt's DuraPave Concrete uses a proven system of synthetic macro fibre reinfornced concrete.

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Fibre Reinforced Concrete

The inclusion of the fibres significantly improves the concrete performance and durability. Fibre Reinforcement is an inexpensive, fast and safe alternative to traditional mesh reinforcement.

Adfil's Durus® EasyFinish macro synthetic fibres are a cost-effective solution to replacing mesh or rebar reinforcement. The fibres are premixed with the concrete allowing good placement and 3-dimensional reinforcement throughout the depth of the concrete. By eliminating the mesh, construction time is reduced by not having to cut, fix and tie in the mesh reinforcement.

The pre-mixed fibre reinforced concrete can be placed quickly with minimum labour required. The structural fibres are a polymer-based material and not susceptible to rusting and associated problems which contribute towards the spalling of concrete.

Benefits include; Reduced construction costs over traditional steel, reduced handling and installing time, no issues with placement, associated problems with steel rust removed and reduction in Health & Safety risk associated with steel mesh.

Ashcourt's Fibre Products

Ashcourt DuraPave

Ashcourt DuraPave is a reinforced concrete which uses macro synthetic fibres instead of using structural steel mesh reinforcement. Not having to use steel mesh reinforcement means that the concrete is cost effective by both removing the need for steel and the fact that the concrete is must easier to construct reducing construction time.

Ashcourt's DuraPave is the perfect product for projects like:

  • - External ground supported slabs for pavements, yards and hard standings
  • - Farmyards and agricultural roadways
  • - Car Parks
  • - Domestic driveways

Ashcourt DuraPave is placed using conventional menthods like direct discharge, skip or pump. The mix also has no specialist requirements for handling and we reccommend a curing membrane be applied after finishing.

Ashcourt DuraPaveX

Our DuraPaveX has all of the benefits of Ashcourt's regular DuraPave concrete, but caters for heavier traffic loadings, making this concrete the perfect product for external HGV yards for plant / machinery up to 44T. (Anything above this, please consult a member of staff for direction).

Our DuraPaveX concrete is a strong external paving system with a wide range of applications. With a significant reduction in embedded carbon (60%) compared to steel mesh construction, Ashcourt's DuraPaveX reduces the risk of mesh reinforcement being placed incorrectly and increases Health & Safety hazards. The DuraPaveX provides reliable performance for the customer every time year-round.

Ashcourt DuraFloor

Ashcourt DuraFloor is our specialist mix for internal use. Similar to our DuraPave mix, this mix reduces the need for steel mesh to be used and thanks to Adfil's Durus® EasyFinish, it remains strong enough for forklifts to drive effectively on the surface.

This mix is laid using conventional techniques such as direct discharge, skip or pump.

Ashcourt's DuraFloor is the perfect product for projects like:

  • - Genral Industrial Flooring
  • - Workshops
  • - Agricultural Buildings
  • - Domestic Floors
  • - Warehouses

Fibre Products

Durus® EasyFinish

  • - Cost Effective Reinforced Concrete
  • - Faster Construction
  • - Easy & Safe To Use
  • - Proven Performance
  • - High Quality Concrete Surface Finish
  • - Replaces Steel Mesh

Adfil® SF86

  • - Glued For Ease Of Mixing
  • - Reduced Instalation Time
  • - High Tensile Strength
  • - Proven In SCC Concrete
  • - Proven Perfomance
  • - Replacement For Structural Steel Reinforcement

Fibrin® XT (Non-Structural)

  • - Reduced Plastic Shrinkage Cracks
  • - Reduced Plastic Settlement
  • - Reduced Bleeding
  • - Reduced Water Permeability
  • - Increased Impact & Abrasion Resistance
  • - Coasted With Surfactant To Improve Fibre Dispersion

Our fibre partners Adfil Construction Fibres offer a comprehensive free design service tailored to your specific project. The Adfil team will work closely with you to supply required calculations and technical specifications.

If you have a construction project you would like advice on, Adfil innovative design service will provide a solution which will be cost effective and reduce construction time. If required, this service can be provided with Professional Indemnity