Servicing Keltbray With Aggregates For Their New Solar Farm Project

We have been delivering a range of aggregates to a site in Allerthorpe for our customer Keltbray. The site is part of an innovative project to develop a grid connection for multiple renewable technologies in the North of England. 

Current works are focussing on forming the heavy access road. So far, we have provided over 1,700 tonnes of 40-80mm recycled pipe bedding, 200 tonnes of 75mm clean chalk and 900 tonnes of type 1 granite. 

Once our wagons have tipped the aggregates, they head further into the Keltbray site where we are also providing our muck away services. The wagons are loaded with spoil which has a high sand content meaning it can be taken back to our Pocklington depot ready to be processed by the wash plant before the wagons head back with another aggregate delivery.