Ashcourt Complete Hull Royal Infirmary ICU Building

We're proud to announce the Hull Royal Infirmary ICU building is now complete with a three-storey block offering 24 extra bed units to the intensive care department. This is one of many NHS projects that Ashcourt are involved with, previously completing Castle Hill Rehab Facility and currently having multiple on-going projects for the Trust.

For this project, we secured three out of the four phased plans and were faced with many challenges. One of the main challenging factors was the proximity of other buildings being extremely tight, as well as this we had to ensure the entrance to the A&E department was never compromised. This also challenged our demolition division as they had to carefully plan their works around the closeness and carry out some of their demolition safely by hand.

The building is covered in a mixture of striking blue and contrasting grey cladding, offering a modern and unique aesthetic for the Trust. Members of staff were able to utilise the building straight away to provide vital care to patients who needed urgent support. The front of the building features a ramp to provide convenient and easy access for patients, with the rear surrounding area eventually turning into a grass garden.