Celebrating International Women's Day 2022

This week, Ashcourt are proud to be supporting International Women's Day by celebrating all of the women in the Group and how they are an integral part of the business.  International Women's Day is a day that commemorates the social, political and economic achievements of women. Women in different parts of the world use this day to come together to celebrate one another and rally for equal treatment and representation. The day was first celebrated in 1911 so this year we're celebrating the 111th. The celebration of 8th March began as American Women's Day in commemoration of the right to vote demonstrations in New York in 1909 and the concept was proposed by German Marxist theorist and activist, Clara Zetkin.  International Women's Day is marked with events around the world every year.  This year we decided to talk to three of our Field Sales Executives Charlotte, Jess and Becca and our Tipper Wagon driver Jo. They talk about their achievements within their career at Ashcourt and giving advice to other women on how to gain confidence and believe in yourself when working in our industry.