Special Delivery of two new A30G Volvo Dumpers

The Ashcourt Group had a delivery of two new A30G Volvo Dumpers recently. The dumpers were collected from Volvo SMT in Killingholme and transported to our customer by our heavy haulage vehicles, our Volvo FH16 and Renault T Range High Cab.

Follow our Logistics team on the road as they make their way to collect the new machinery. They talk about the process involved in collecting the dumpers and making sure that they are secured to the Ashcourt wagons for a safe journey to the customer.

These dumpers are designed to work in quarrying, mining or earthmoving applications and have a payload capacity of 29,000 kg. They produce a low consumption of fuel and have high productivity as well as minimal maintenance and service requirements, this machinery can be used for 1000 hours before needing an engine service interval. The dumpers have wide wheels too which are better for dry surfaces and help with suspension problems such as bouncing or swaying. They also help them travel through tougher terrain easier. Even in difficult weather conditions the dumpers are comfortable and easy to operate.

The dumpers arrived at the customers site and were put straight to work on our busy Aggregates division.