Our Durus Easy Finish Fibre Concrete

Our team have recently been using Durus Easy Finish fibre concrete which replaces steel mesh. The concrete has a high-quality surface finish and is easier and safer to use than steel. It also increases the speed of a construction project.

Fibre reinforced concrete significantly improves the concrete performance and durability. The concrete is an inexpensive, fast and safe alternative to traditional mesh reinforcement.

The reinforcement comes ready mixed into the concrete or can be added on site with it being easy to handle and apply.

Durus Easy Finish requires less storage space and eliminates the risk of injuries from falls, trips and cuts associated with steel mesh. More importantly, it also saves time as there isn’t any placing of steel mesh before pouring the concrete.

Our team were providing the concrete for our customer, Harlands Builders. The total amount of concrete needed for the project is approximately 300m3. The team worked with Harlands Builders who applied a brush finish to match the existing yard, this allows HGV’s and other traffic to have adequate grip in all weather conditions. The end use is an extension to an existing distribution yard for HGV’s for Hawk Furniture.