Red Diesel changes from 1st April 2022

Changes are now in place for red diesel, also known as rebated diesel. From today, red diesel will be illegal to use for a large amount of sectors and industries.

Industries and uses exempt from the changes include:

Agriculture, horticulture, forestry and fish farming
Rail transport
Fuel used for non-commercial purposes such as generation of electricity and heating
Community sports clubs and golf courses
Sailing, boating and marine transport
Travelling fairs and travelling circuses
What is red diesel?
Red diesel is essentially the same as regular diesel but dyed to indicate its use is off-road. This is also to mark its lower duty rate.

What do you need to do now the changes are in place?
Before you change to an alternative fuel, you will need to ensure you uplift the excess fuel stock and clean your fuel tank in all vehicles. Once this is complete, you are able to start using a different fuel such as White Diesel or GreenD+ HVO.

We provide GreenD+ HVO Fuel which is an eco-friendly, premium diesel fuel made from only renewable and sustainable materials. This is an alternative to red diesel and reduces up to 90% of Net CO2 emissions. It is also a FAME-free alternative that performs exceptionally well in lower temperatures. We work in partnership with the largest importer of HVO, and stockist in the UK, 4 terminal storage facilities and regional distribution hubs storing between 5-25 million litres of stock.

Companies throughout the UK are pushing for greener processes and with the red diesel change fast approaching, making this one switch within your business can make a huge leap forward towards offsetting your carbon footprint.

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Why has it changed?
The government have introduced this law change to help meet climate change and help the environment. Red diesel currently produces around nearly 14 million tonnes of CO2 every year.

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