Butterwick Farm RCC Complete

Approached by Mason Farms in Butterwick, we were asked to propose concrete options to reconstruct a new road leading up to their newly developed farm. The original road had been built with chalk to a suitable depth, but this wasn’t an appropriate solution for the heavy traffic the road would face.

After carrying out a range of tests on the compaction of the chalk, our team approved it suitable to lay our Roller Compacted Concrete (RCC) straight onto with some initial prep recommendations.

Once the prep was complete, the next step focused on recompacting the chalk using our 16-tonne roller to ensure a smooth surface ready to lay our RCC. The road was over 1,500 metres long with a total area of 5,680m2 that we worked on over three days, supplying a constant flow of concrete from our Pocklington site totalling in 852m3 provided.