Guy Martin Tests Ashcourt’s HVO Fuel In New Documentary

Did you catch our fuels team on Guy Martin’s Great British Power Trip delivering a small bowser of HVO, our eco-friendly, premium diesel fuel made from only renewable and sustainable materials?

The former TT racer hosted a three-part series documenting how Britain has traditionally powered itself investigating the future of our energy and how the country is moving closer towards net-zero emissions. 

Delving into the depths of Drax power station, Guy investigates the mills and boilers used to generate power using wood pellets and later helps the explosive teams demolish one of Britain’s oldest coal-burning power stations. 

Guy’s research also focused on using an eco-friendly alternative to fuel his van which Ashcourt Fuels proudly provided for him. Our Green D+ HVO fuel is made from only renewable and sustainable materials, reducing 90% of Net CO2 emissions, making it one of the cleanest fuels on the market. 

Many companies throughout the UK are now converting to this fully biodegradable fuel to meet with sustainability compliances and offsetting their carbon footprint. 

If you’re interested in our Green D+ HVO fuel speak to our experts via 01482 442288 or email