An Introduction To Our Greener Fuel (Green D+ HVO)

With COP26 ending, it’s left most people and businesses alike thinking about their impact on the environment and the steps they can take to improve their carbon footprint. 

With the Government changing eligibility rules for businesses and industries surrounding red diesel, it’s an important time for change in your fuel supply and product. From April 2022 certain sectors will not be permitted to use red diesel in their vehicles. This comes as the Government push towards their commitment to achieving Net Zero by 2050.  

Who’s affected by the changes?

Industries no longer able to use Red Diesel after 1st April 2022...

-    Airport Operations

-    Commercial Generators

-    Commercial Heating

-    Construction

-    Haulage

-    Leisure

-    Logistics

-    Manufacturing

-    Mining & Quarrying

-    Ports

-    Plant Hire

-    Road Maintenance

-    Waste Management

Those who are still eligible to use Red Diesel after 1st April 2022...

-    Agricultural

-    Amateur Sports Clubs

-    Golf Courses

-    Fish Farming

-    Forestry

-    Horticulture

-    Non-Commercial Heating

-    Public Sector

-    Rail

-    Travelling Fairground

What can you do considering the changes?

Ashcourt have added a brand new fuel product to our range. Green D+ is a HVO (Hydrotreated Vegetable Oil) that reduces your CO2 greenhouse gas emissions by up to 90% right away. Green D+ is a HVO paraffinic EN15940 fuel enhanced with a proprietary organic additive that produces the lowest emission advanced fuel available and is the cleanest drop-in replacement for diesel on the market. 

HVO is a FAME (fatty acid methyl esters) and fossil-free fuel. Another advantage of our Green D+ HVO diesel is it performs in low temperatures. A combination of a high cetane number and a low cloud point of -32°C means it excels in colder weather. 

The fuel’s purity means it’s storage life is up to 10 years and can be used as a drop-in fuel meaning no changes to infrastructure and can even be mixed with existing diesel. 

Why Choose Green D+ HVO?

With more businesses moving towards greener processes, Ashcourt's Green D+ fuel is a perfect way to take the simple step towards being net zero. With no up-front investment needed to change any infrastructure within your current company, our HVO fuel makes an instant impact on your carbon footprint as a company. Our Green D+ can be mixed with regular diesel so you can simply top up your existing tank without having to purchase any new tanks or cleaning equipment.

10 vehicles running on Ashcourt's Green D+ HVO fuel runs equivalent CO2 emissions to just one regular diesel vehicle. Storage of our Green D+ fuel can last up 10 years compared to just one year with mineral diesel.

If you’re interested in trialling or making a permanent switch to Green D+ HVO fuel, get in touch with a member of our fuels team today on 01482 442288 (Option 4).