Excavators Trial Danfoss Dextreme System

As a renowned Volvo customer, we are pleased to welcome three new EC200 excavators onto our sites to carry out trials for Danfoss Power Solutions. Danfoss is a leading supplier of mobile and industrial hydraulics as well as electric powertrain systems, who is collaborating with Volvo on their new Dextreme system that replaces the excavator’s main hydraulic pump. 

This system is predicted to lower fuel consumption by 15% with a pathway that consists of three levels ‘Swap, Flex and Max’. Other predictions also include fuel savings of up to 50% in excavators of all sizes. 

Due to our continuous growth, we are always looking for avenues to ensure fuel consumption is reduced where possible. We have fitted each machine with unique data logging equipment that will be reviewed in 12 months once 2,000 operating hours have been completed.