Ashcourt Premium Flow Concrete - Hull Pocklington York East Riding North Lincolnshire

Our Self-compacting concrete (SCC) is a special type of concrete which can be placed and consolidated under its own weight without any vibration effort, due to its excellent deformability, which at the same time is cohesive enough to be handled without segregation or bleeding. It's able to flow under its own weight, completely filling formwork and achieving full compaction, even in the presence of congested reinforcement.

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Premium Flow Concrete


  • Complex Formwork
  • Domestic Floors
  • Slabs Structural Toppings
  • Intricate Reinforcement
  • Commercial Slabs Including Deck Consultation
  • When it comes to delivery, we have this covered. Our new top of the range fleet means Ashcourt can deliver at a time and place that fits the demands of commercial markets.


    Using self-compacting concrete has several benefits and advantages over regular concrete. These include:

  • Fast placement without mechanical consolidation
  • Improved constructability
  • Reduces permeability in concrete structures
  • Minimises voids in highly-reinfored areas
  • Eliminates problems associated with concrete vibration
  • Placing 

    Concrete is placed straight from the truck and placed using a dapple bar.


    Curing is especially important for Premium flow concrete. We offer curing agent in 20L to be sprayed directly onto the surface when laid.