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We are committed to providing high-quality healthcare construction projects on a tight timescale and to budget.

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Public Sector Buildings

As Ashcourt continue to provide quality, efficient work in the construction industry, our work in the healthcare sector has grown rapidly. We are able to drastically shorten project timescales by utilising the other divisions within the Ashcourt Group.

With such dynamic capabilities, we’re able to look at the whole project lifecycle knowing we have the resource to provide a solution from start to finish. We pride ourselves on our strong inter-divisional communication. This transpires into the work we produce for our clients. With our divisions combining seamlessly during projects, it ensures timely deliveries and the ability to manipulate schedules to meet project needs.

We can deliver full project life cycles in the healthcare sector, providing demolition of existing buildings through to external and internal construction all completed using the Group's divisions to our advantage.

We have worked closely with Hull University Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust to plan, design and fulfil a rehabilitation facility at Castle Hill Hospital. Keeping work within our Group meant that the project was completed in just 12 weeks, a two-week reduction to the initial timescale.

This was achieved through our divisions working effectively together where our demolition division commenced work on the original building, incorporating help from our waste management division which meant the demolition of the building was completed on time.

Shortly after, our civil engineering division were able to progress the groundworks for the new Rehabilitation Facility, using timely deliveries from our concrete, aggregates and plant hire divisions the project quickly advanced into above-ground works for our construction division to take over the internal and external build and complete the project on time, during the COVID-19 pandemic at a reduced cost.

Recent Work

Castle Hill Hospital - Rehabilition Centre

Hull Royal Infirmary - Intensive Care Unit

Hull Royal Infirmary - Front Entrance

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